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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2005|03:16 am]
[music |kyle took a bullet for me; tenacious d]

best part: about 51 seconds in.
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2005|02:56 am]
[music |the coolies ;i salute u]

HI. i'm back home. here is a post. of a weird mix of music.

ayumi hamasaki ;EVOLUTION - 4:39
yeah its just good. i love you, j-pop. i love you, ayumi. i love this song. i love singing along and not knowing japanese. also that killer guitar part in the middle.

bauhaus ;she's in parties - 3:50
sometimes you just have to listen to bauhaus.

imperative reaction ;arrogance - 4:51
these guys opened for vnv nation when i saw them a few weeks ago. great - the whole cd is pretty good. i liked them way more live, but the cd is still better than a bunch out there

aqua ;happy boys &girls - 3:36
not the BEST aqua song, but goddamn if it isn't catchy.
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post six. [Jun. 9th, 2005|02:34 pm]
i'm back! and i have some songs for you guys! this is my band austin scarlett with some songs from our performance at prom a few months ago. they're all m4a - the quality is pretty good for being ripped from pat's digital camcorder, but there are still some spotty parts. listen for the synth, that's me!

001. just like heaven [ 3:16 ]
002. take on me [ 2:36 ]
003. blister in the sun [ 2:15 ]
004. heat of the moment [ 3:37 ]

be nice, don't forget - this was our first performance and we were just having fun. comment to let me know how we are!

[ top row: andy (lead guitar), david (drums), patrick (vocals), corey (second guitar) bottom row: me! (synth), mark (bass) ]
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post five. [May. 15th, 2005|05:06 pm]
[music |deep red bells ;neko case]

here are some good songs. :) there is no theme to this post, i just like these songs.

title/band/album: masters in reverse psychology ;murder by death from who will survive and what will be left of them
format: mp3
length: 3:12
notes: i'm forever in love with this album. i'm a sucker for concept albums though. this cd tells the story about how the devil and some guy got in a bar fight and the devil got all pissed and came back to get revenge on the town. it's all western-y and piano-y and cello-y and .. it's beautiful and haunting and scary and so smart. the whole cd is just amazing.

title/band/album: bloodflowers ;the cure from bloodflowers.
format: mp3
length: 7:28
notes: sometimes you are just in a bloodflowers kind of mood.

title/band/album: drink down the moon ;steeleye span from now we are six.
format: mp3
length: 6:24
notes: it was bound to happen. i was going to post some steeleye span sooner or later. this is kind of what i grew up on. i wonder if it explains anything about me. this was my favourite song of theirs when i was little. ENJOY.

comment when/if things need to be reuploaded. :) enjoy.
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post four. [May. 12th, 2005|10:38 pm]
[music |reading time with pickle ;regina spektor]

ja hello. i have been busy with packing and going home. now i am kind of blehh, so you get very pretty songs that i listen to when i am blehh.

title/band/album: intergalactic menopause ;murder by death from like the exorcist, but more breakdancing
format: mp3
length: 4:51
notes: this is the first song i heard off of this album and it was so surprising to hear how different it was from "who will survive ..." - this whole cd, even, is just a very "oh i'm sad, i'll listen to you now" know of cd. it's so pretty. "brushing teeth and combing hair, i guess they do this everywhere. i think it's time for a change, i never wanted a change."

title/band/album: samson ;regina spektor from songs
format: mp3
length: 3:52
notes: her lyrics break my heart because of how perfectly written they are and what they mean and how she says it.

title/band/album: me vs maradona vs elvis ;brand new from deja entendu nintendo
format: mp3
length: 5:19
notes: this song is about taking advantage of a drunk girl!

title/band/album: sunday ;jimmy eat world from clarity.
format: mp3
length: 4:31
notes: clarity is all pretty and all sad. this one is just really nice to listen to. i love you, clarity. :/

title/band/album: braille ;regina spektor from 11:11.
format: mp3
length: 4:55
notes: this is a very good walking home from class in the rain song. :)

hope you guys like at least one! please let me know or something, because i'm not doing this for my benefit, hee.
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