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HI. i'm back home. here is a post. of a weird mix of music.

ayumi hamasaki ;EVOLUTION - 4:39
yeah its just good. i love you, j-pop. i love you, ayumi. i love this song. i love singing along and not knowing japanese. also that killer guitar part in the middle.

bauhaus ;she's in parties - 3:50
sometimes you just have to listen to bauhaus.

imperative reaction ;arrogance - 4:51
these guys opened for vnv nation when i saw them a few weeks ago. great - the whole cd is pretty good. i liked them way more live, but the cd is still better than a bunch out there

aqua ;happy boys &girls - 3:36
not the BEST aqua song, but goddamn if it isn't catchy.
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post six.

i'm back! and i have some songs for you guys! this is my band austin scarlett with some songs from our performance at prom a few months ago. they're all m4a - the quality is pretty good for being ripped from pat's digital camcorder, but there are still some spotty parts. listen for the synth, that's me!

001. just like heaven [ 3:16 ]
002. take on me [ 2:36 ]
003. blister in the sun [ 2:15 ]
004. heat of the moment [ 3:37 ]

be nice, don't forget - this was our first performance and we were just having fun. comment to let me know how we are!

[ top row: andy (lead guitar), david (drums), patrick (vocals), corey (second guitar) bottom row: me! (synth), mark (bass) ]

post five.

here are some good songs. :) there is no theme to this post, i just like these songs.

title/band/album: masters in reverse psychology ;murder by death from who will survive and what will be left of them
format: mp3
length: 3:12
notes: i'm forever in love with this album. i'm a sucker for concept albums though. this cd tells the story about how the devil and some guy got in a bar fight and the devil got all pissed and came back to get revenge on the town. it's all western-y and piano-y and cello-y and .. it's beautiful and haunting and scary and so smart. the whole cd is just amazing.

title/band/album: bloodflowers ;the cure from bloodflowers.
format: mp3
length: 7:28
notes: sometimes you are just in a bloodflowers kind of mood.

title/band/album: drink down the moon ;steeleye span from now we are six.
format: mp3
length: 6:24
notes: it was bound to happen. i was going to post some steeleye span sooner or later. this is kind of what i grew up on. i wonder if it explains anything about me. this was my favourite song of theirs when i was little. ENJOY.

comment when/if things need to be reuploaded. :) enjoy.
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post four.

ja hello. i have been busy with packing and going home. now i am kind of blehh, so you get very pretty songs that i listen to when i am blehh.

title/band/album: intergalactic menopause ;murder by death from like the exorcist, but more breakdancing
format: mp3
length: 4:51
notes: this is the first song i heard off of this album and it was so surprising to hear how different it was from "who will survive ..." - this whole cd, even, is just a very "oh i'm sad, i'll listen to you now" know of cd. it's so pretty. "brushing teeth and combing hair, i guess they do this everywhere. i think it's time for a change, i never wanted a change."

title/band/album: samson ;regina spektor from songs
format: mp3
length: 3:52
notes: her lyrics break my heart because of how perfectly written they are and what they mean and how she says it.

title/band/album: me vs maradona vs elvis ;brand new from deja entendu nintendo
format: mp3
length: 5:19
notes: this song is about taking advantage of a drunk girl!

title/band/album: sunday ;jimmy eat world from clarity.
format: mp3
length: 4:31
notes: clarity is all pretty and all sad. this one is just really nice to listen to. i love you, clarity. :/

title/band/album: braille ;regina spektor from 11:11.
format: mp3
length: 4:55
notes: this is a very good walking home from class in the rain song. :)

hope you guys like at least one! please let me know or something, because i'm not doing this for my benefit, hee.
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post three.

i continue to post! are you guys enjoying this so far? this posts theme is: COVERS DONE BY AFI. ooh. i thought it while walking home and listening to some covers done by afi.

title/original artist: halloween ;THE MISFITS. [ this is on the all hallows ep ]
format: mp3
length: 3:58
notes: this one is super good, but nothing new or like omg they did this? because it's been around forever. still good. afi looooves the misfits. and i love that love.

title/original artist: my michelle ;GUNS N ROSES.
format: mp3
length: 3:33
notes: this is on the punk goes metal cd. i don't really listen to it much, but it's pretty good. davey doing the "m-m-m-m-my michelle" IS pretty great.

title/original artist: the hanging garden ;THE CURE
format: mp3
length: 4:21
notes: classic. this is a very wonderful cover and song, etc. i love afi doing the cure, just because it seems like it's meant to be. davey singing robert's words is a very glorious thing.

title/original artist: one last caress ;THE MISFITS
format: mp3
length: 2:00
notes: i really do love this song. i just really do. i, uh. yeah. bless danzig for these lyrics. when we went to see james' play that rock band thing, the band after him was just this like 8th grade kid who was trying so hard to be a real life punk. like, the kind who wears misfits pins who just hates good charlotte, etc. he also saw mark and for some reason just tried to impress him that entire time. we yelled for him to play this, and he said no, it was inappropriate. he did play it later, just without the verses. he came in during the "oh come sweet death" part though.

title/original artist: just like heaven ;THE CURE
format: mp3
length: 3:27
notes: this is probably my favourite cover that afi has done that i have. its from the cure icon tribute concert that mtv2 played. its perfect, i'm sorry.

title/original artist: head like a hole ;NINE INCH NAILS
format: mp3
length: 4:13
notes: this was the very first song i heard after davey had his throat surgery. it took a while to even recognize his voice - i heard it finally when he started screaming. i really like this cover, too. it just makes me want a new afi cd? because this was like the newest thing recorded since sing the sorrow.

there you go! also go visit gemilang and jazzm !!
comment with what you thiiink<3
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post two.

here are more songs. this is fun! this post is inspired by sophi, because she bitched about knowing the three songs i posted before.

title/band/album: annabel lee ;tiger army from tiger army II: the power of moonlite.
format: m4a
length: 3:32
notes: this is definately one of my very favourite tiger army songs. this, and the rest of the cd, just makes me think of summer. driving away from chipotle during night time with the windows down and all the street lights around campus and this song just blasting. nick 13's voice is probably one of the prettiest ever in music.

title/band/album: under saturn's shadow ;tiger army from tiger army II: the power of moonlite.
format: m4a
length: 3:04
notes: this song, too. goosebumps, i say! his voice, esp near the end, just is amazing. i love the sound of this whole cd. amazing what a tiny bit of echo can do, i guess. anyways, this song gets me really excited. and i love it.

title/band/album: early one morning/young collins ;jim moray from sweet england.
format: mp3
length: 4:33
notes: jim moray is one of the best musicians that i've heard in a long time. he's english, folky, experimental, traditional, pretty, and dramatic. i love how this song plays. and how pretty jim is.

title/band/album: lord bateman ;jim moray from sweet england.
format: mp3
length: 5:22
notes: i was going to post that convo emma &i had about this songs title, mentioning JASON and JUSTINE and PATRICK. but it wasn't gonna be found. so i'll post what did happen. Collapse )

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post one.

my very first post in my music journal is this one! these are the top three songs in my itunes 25 top played list.

number three
title/band/album: this modern love ;bloc party from silent alarm.
format: mp3
length: 4:25
amount played: 19
notes: this is my newest favourites and it's already number three on my list after like less than a week. it's amazing. my favourite is that mark and i sing the line "you told me you wanted to eat up my sandwich" instead of what it really is.

number two
title/band/album: us ;regina spektor from soviet kitsch.
format: mp3
length: 4:52
amount played: 22
notes: one of the most obvious things about me lately is how much i love regina. this song is one of my favourites on the album - i just love how she says things that are so perfect and cute, that i would never think to say. "our noses have begun to rust." that's beautiful.

number one
title/band/album: cut here ;the cure from the cure: greatest hits
format: mp3
length: 4:10
amount played: 23
notes: out of all the cure songs that i love, this is apparently the one i listen to the most. my favourite part is from 3:20-:26. my other favourite part is listening to mark sing this when he's driving me back to the dorms.

let me know whta you think! comment! let me know if i need to refresh any of the links, too. ♥
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